#Tocktober’s Ultimate Indignity

[As if this wasn’t bad enough, we’ve got this ridiculous little kid laughing her head off. She won’t be laughing at the hairball on her pillow tonight, will she.]



  1. I hope they didn’t do that on purpose! Very pretty kitty.

  2. The Original Jane says:

    The last shot of his face deserves an “impending doom” tag.

  3. Not as embarrassing as umm P. Hilton’s video. Cat has way more class.

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    Was that a lollipoop?

  5. Lollipop lollipop oh lolli lollipop!!

  6. *le sigh* this could be my fluffy boy too, but thankfully i don’t leave sticky lollipops lying around

  7. grytlappar says:

    Go ahead and video some more, hilarious lady, so the “sucker” gets good and stuck, and you can then rip it off the fur. Yay! Call me a nuffer, but I fail to see the humor.

  8. That *EVIL* look at the end when the lady asked “How do you feel about that?”