#Nosevember Piggy Preview!

It’s just a little more than two weeks off- we thought you’d like this Piggy Nosevember Preview!

(Lost At E Minor.)


  1. Calico Angel says:

    She (?) is smiling! Chocolate chip dreamin’?

  2. Peegs? In a blanket?

  3. Adorable. And I’m not the only one who has been thinking the best thing about fall is Nosevember’s approach, am I?

  4. @Jacksmom – that, and an excuse to eat all the Halloween candy before the 31st!

  5. I’ve been smelling cookies in my sleep! Eats cookies. Goes back to sleep to dream up some more!
    The sleeping nose wiggles kilt me.

  6. The Nose Knows!! 🙂

  7. Next time we try this with a truffle.

  8. OMG squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤

  9. I love when his nose first smells the cookie, hehe

  10. I like the smacking lips! Soooo good!

  11. The leep smacking keeels me!!! 🙂