We don’t know if this pint-sized Kramer will blast open your door and slide into your apartment- but with that look and THOSE LITTLE WHITE BOOTIES- he can darn near do anything he wants. “Our new puppy has stolen our hearts. He may steal your heart as well,” remarks Tanya K.

“Cute today, tomorrow and always to us.”

And OK, for all your Seinfeld fans out there..



  1. Those prosh paws are REDONKULOUS!!

  2. He totally needs to have play dates with Stogie (below). What cuties!

  3. It’s the hair people, totally the hair!!
    He is the perfect doppelganger…bet his hoomins can teach him how to slide in a doorway 😉

  4. Too. Stinkin’. Cute.

  5. The white pawsies! *klunk*

  6. I swear he’s made out of brownies and I want him for dessert.