Koko And The Kittehs

Two kittehs came to visit Koko on her birthday (July 4th) and now they’re part of Koko’s family, as we see in the brand new video!



  1. TheFormerAstronomer says:

    All right, who let the onion-chopping ninjas in here?

  2. Not sure .. but they attacked me too .. darn ninjas

    On a side note:
    I wonder if she still have her van make by Jesse James (aka “The Vanilla Gorilla”) on Monster Garage?


  3. Emmberrann says:

    Koko, I’m going to adopt a kitteh, too, only I’m going to get an older one (Seniors for Seniors Program) from the shelter. You inspired me.:) ❤

  4. The more I read and see about Koko and her interactions, the more I am convinced that we are not too different from our primate cousins… and that it is they that should be offended at the comparison.

    On thing is for sure: none of us is immune to the power of the Qte!

  5. It’s so interesting that she names the kittens, firstly there was “All Ball” then “Lips Lipstick” but i can’t find any info online on any other kitteh names she’s given them.

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    There’s no way those kittehs are gonna stay in that playpen! 🙂

  7. Whoa, those ninjas just came into my kitchen too and are slicing up many onions.
    It makes my heart happy to see Koko with new kittayn friends. The gentle way she holds them is so wonderful. ❤

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    We all need someone to love.

  9. @Sharon. Koko picked out two of the kittens for herself. They will live with her in her special habitat. The other kitties went back. Koko has cared for kittens/cats before. She named her first kitty by signing All Ball because he had no tail.

    Yup. Onion Ninjas here too. Darn.

  10. I love Koko and her kitties – just the epitome of interspecies snorgling and sweetness.

  11. Dear heavens. Koko’s a crazy cat lady.

  12. I was fine the first time I watched this but now the onion ninjas have invaded my home too!! I am so moved by the gentleness of this lovely gorilla. She could teach us all some lessons about love and acceptance. ❤

  13. Badá Rock says:

    My goodness, she really IS a crazy cat lady gorilla! I’m baffled. And my cats are jealous.

  14. Madame X – Yup, gorillas may not be human but they sure are people.

    this makes me so happy- when I was little I read my Koko’s Kitten book until it fell apart and then some more!