Hang On- Be With You In A Minute-

if you’re waiting for Gus the Highland Lynx to take a drink of water, you might be waiting for him for awhile.

(Nothing To Do With Arbroath.)



  1. Just because it doesn’t make sense to us, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense at all.
    Don’t listen to them, Gus! Your water, your ritual!

  2. My cat does the same thing. Strange, but cute.

  3. Nancy & Audrey DiMarco says:

    isn’t he instinctively trying to get the bugs away from his water source? Shall we consult John Bradshaw or Jackson Galaxy?
    regardless of this intentions, he is one handsome boy! We love you Gus!

  4. Sorry,but could’nt that be a stress reaction?

  5. Awww, it’s okay, Gus. It makes you special. :o)

  6. Cats are so quirky! 🙂

  7. allmycatsdothat says:

    Easily found on the interwebs: “A cat has its ancestry in the wild cats who needed to find their drinks from little pools of water covered with fallen leaves and whatnot. Clearing the water of debris gives the cat a water surface that is open to drink from. This would be a case of cat’s instincts and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

  8. Alice Shortcake says:

    Perhaps it’s an ancient instinct thing – “I must beat down the lush vegetation with my front paws in order to drink from the stream!”

  9. Badá Rock says:

    My cat Boba does the same thing every time. Maybe it’s their way to find water in Nature. I don’t know, but it’s cute.

  10. I was thinking along those lines, Alice Shortcake–only more like a “I must clear the surface of the water before I drink.” I’ve read that that’s why horses do a little ‘swirl and flip’ with their noses before they drink (out of instinct, whether or not there’s actually anything cluttering the water’s surface).

  11. Either way, I would get an old towel or mat underneath his water fountain. That doesn’t look easy on his claws or the counter.

  12. My little Mini does that too (she’s a domestic short hair) – I researched it as well and it seems there’s a few theories – the one I think fits in my situation is that she’s marking the ground around the water dish with her scent. There’s two other cats in the house so makes sense she want so say “MINE!”. 😀

  13. My Selma does the opposite one, the burial of her food dish by pawing the air back over it. Although one time she had to eat medicated food that I guess was smellier than usual, and she actually dragged the kitchen rug over and covered the bowl. I was impressed, usually it’s imaginary!