These Boots Were Made For Walking Sitting

Cat Slaves: Have you ever experienced one of those showdown moments? Where The Feline draws a line in the sand (or in this case, the sink) with his/her demand? This is one of those times, from Jane H.:

“Thank you so much for posting about the Tour de Corgi in Fort Collins. We loved your post, brilliant as always, they captured the wonderfulness of the experience! My mom is in awe of your website (as are we), she’s 85 and thinks it is delightful! Now that I’ve come down from Corgi Mania, I realized I haven’t been paying as much attention to our kitteh, Boots, (also known as Booter Buttskis or BooterTooterRooter) as she expects. So now she is getting most of the attention and all is well once again according to her: Here’s Boots in the kitchen sink waiting for someone to turn on her drinking fountain.”



  1. Isn’t she beautiful! Love her markings.

  2. That is fantastic. Hold your ground, Bootsie! They have to give in eventually.

  3. The unfiltered direct stare down. Very intimidating. She’s stunning. Wow, three sinks to hide in.

  4. I bet she doesn’t blink until you cave in.

  5. Sowmya Dakshinamurti says:

    You’ve got a Faucet Drinker…. I used to think they were fictional – now Dmitri Purrshkavich has trained me well.

  6. That’s why you have three sink bowls. One for washing, one for rinsing, one for the cat.

  7. Oh I recognise this from my house. At my house it’s in the bathroom sink and usually scares the b’jesus out of me while I’m vulnerably naked in the shower with beady blue eyes staring in at me.