The Many Moods Shapes Of Rory

Meagan G. says “I would like to submit for education and art appreciation, the many shapes of Rory. As a three pound mixed breed rabbit from the animal shelter, she is somehow automatically queen of our household. Also, a shapeshifter. Me and my husband (aka “Litterbox Cleaner” and “Food Guy”) are huge fans! Rory is not a fan of anything.” Click each image below for each Bun Name:









  1. Happy pork chop? Love it!

  2. Of course Rory is not a fan of anything. She heartily disapproves of the whole concept.

  3. Love the pics of cute Rory. She’s a smart bun that has you and your husband well trained. After all, she should be treated like the queen of the house.

  4. LunaChickFringe says:

    Spoken like a true bunny slave!

  5. She’s gorgeous and I would let her walk all over me. PS she seemed to like the sombrero.

  6. What a lovely bun Rory is 🙂 Would she eat the Halloween decor?

  7. Very stylish and rightfully in charge.

  8. She’s beautiful–but I’m very afraid of her ‘impending doom’ look. *shudder*

  9. Rory’s slave here- so happy to see her posted! By the way bunny people, any ideas of what breeds she might be? I think probably mini rex and something else, but don’t know. She was bounced around so many shelters before adopting us that they didn’t know anything about her.

    FYI, she will happily eat the stems off pumpkins, but runs in disgust if I start to “gut” one. Hates the smell of pumpkin innards. Also, Debg, we do let her walk all over us, literally! She enjoys treating us as furniture, or climbing up on my shoulder when I’m seated to clean her cage. Some sort of parrot/overseer of operations.

  10. @phoenix, I’d guess Rory is a mix of either English Spot or Checkered Giant with possibly a Mini Rex. Whatever her mixture, she’s a sweetie. Glad she’s found a loving home. I’d let her walk all over me. My bunneh does the same thing.

  11. Bunnyloaf sighting!

  12. “Rory is not a fan of anything.” Hehe..that made me laugh! I am definitely a fan of hers! Beautiful bun!

  13. What a great rabbit! Good looking AND personality plus!! Lucky owners!!!

  14. I lost it at impending doom puddle. Hilarious.

  15. Rory is adorable! Love the account!