“Sweaty Betty”

Good grief, look who’s here. None other than Betty The Bug AKA Sweaty Betty and Bee-Tee (As in BT phone home.)

“My husband and I got Betty at the very end of Tocktober last year when she was a wee pup. She wasn’t an easy one to photograph but luckily over the past year we have managed a good collection of photos of her,” writes Carole.

“Betty is a sweet but mischievous little devil and we can’t believe its been almost a year with her in our lives. We love her to pieces and hope you do too!”




  1. How could you not love that face? And such a boopable nose. *BOOP* I’d like to see pics of one year old Betty.

  2. In that sweater? Are you trying to kill me here? That is so cute!

  3. So ridiculously adorable!!! I don’t know how her hoomins get anything done with that face looking at them. 🙂

    Also, I love the quilt! Wonder if it’s homemade or just a lovely store bought thingie.

  4. What a little cutie! She is so tiny; can’t even imagine how cute she must have been as “a wee pup”. Thanks for sending!

  5. Munchkin. How do you keep from chewing her right up. Sigh.

  6. Lawdy……she’s a cutie pie!!!!!!

  7. She is lovely! And yes, definite bonus points for that pretty quilt!

  8. That’s my Sweaty Betty! She is a little monster but that squishy face is what saves the day! For her first 6 months with us I got nothing done because I was busy cleaning up after her and bandaging my chewed up hands. She is still cheeky but getting better. The quilt is handmade but bought from a thrift store. I can’t take the credit!

  9. *NomNomNom* says:

    She’s adorable, @Cazell84. I will be joining that line of wimmins over there, who are longing to steal Betty and nom on her ears, but that’s entirely normal and we’re quite harmless.

  10. Betty is over-the-top adorable! You have great taste in puppehs and quilts!

  11. grytlappar says:

    The 2nd photo is *to die*.