Jill The Sqwerlio (Part II)

‘Member Jill from last Friday? We saved the Best Beans for today!






  1. That first one looks like she has kitty litter stuck to her toes! And that second one – I had no idea squirrels has such long toesies!

  2. Just wanna scritch that little fuzzy sqwerly beleh..

  3. All the sweet, cute squirrel pictures this week! Making me think I somehow need more squirrels in my life. Maybe I could find squirrel costumes for my rats for Halloween. 🙂

  4. FYI – a quick Google search of “squirrel costumes for rats” has revealed a disappointing lack in the world. Lots of squirrel costumes for people, dogs, cats, other animals. Lots of squirrels in costumes (which was pretty much worth the Google search). But not a single squirrel costume for a rat. *Sigh.*

  5. Gina Smith says:

    Pic one says impending doom to me. Pic two looks like a Richard M. Nixon impersonation.

  6. When Jill Episode 1 debuted, i spent an *absurd* amount of time on her Instagram. OMG the poses! the stretches! THE BRUSHINGKS!!!

  7. Ha ha Gina Smith you made me LOL RE pic 2!

  8. I’m utterly besotted with Jill.

  9. Mikeyfur—what you said. Sigh…..