THIS JUST IN: S.C. Sqwerlios Need Your Help!

With the flooding in South Carolina there are hundreds of baby orphaned and sick squirrels and other wildlife. The South Carolina rehabbers are overwhelmed and need help. North Carolina rehabbers are organizing to assist but it’s a huge undertaking and they need donations to help purchase urgent supplies – especially baby squirrel formula. Wildlife rehabbers depend entirely on the kindness and generosity of the public as they do not receive any federal, state or local funding. To help, visit here and click on the “I Want To Help” tab, or send them urgent supplies on their Amazon Wish List.

[*Note: These are photos from a rehabber Betsy who is helping organize this effort and is close to that area but these are not the actual storm squirrels. -Ed.]

IMG_1195 (2)

photo 1(30)-001

photo 2(23)-001

(Thanks to Kim Barker for the text/photos.)



  1. Molly Mauser says:

    SQUEE! I sent a cash donation AND shopped their Amazon Wishlist. We can’t have hungry baby squirrels, can we?

  2. How did they get the skwerl to smile like that?

  3. Thank you sooo much Cute Overload! Words cannot express how thankful we are for your help in spreading the words to your followers. The support is overwhelming in a very awesome way. Thank you!!

  4. Just sent stuff from their wish list. THANK YOU to all those wonderful hoomins helping the skwerls ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. I’m a squirrel rehabber in NYC. Although I can’t leave my own babies here to run down and help in SC like I’d want to, I know that all of our donations and supplies will be SO appreciated and used wisely by the rehabilitators in the Carolinas. This is a monumental tragedy for wildlife, and volunteer rehabbers are truly the only people helping these orphaned and injured animals. Thank you from all of us for anything you can send!

  6. Serrattaritaville says:

    Thank you for posting – it feel so good to give to help the little guys and gals.

  7. I wish I could do more hands-on, but don’t have the facility to overwinter babies here. Donated $$, though, and hoping there are adequate hands to put it to good use saving these precious little lives! Thank you for spreading the word. Sharing on my FB page….