Guinness, Tell ‘Em They Missed A Spot!

One of the highlights of Guinness The Cat’s day is when the Friendly Window Washer Guys stop by for a visit. They haven’t figured out how to feed Guiness some noms yet.

(From Tastefully Offensive and sent in by Elizabeth G. and Lisa J.)



  1. O gosh that’s sweet perfection. Very expensive high risk cat toy. Lol.

  2. I love how the other can’t won’t even feign indifference or interest.

  3. Sounds like mom was having fun too .. heh

  4. grytlappar says:

    Must have made that guy’s day!

  5. grytlappar says:

    PS. Um, hellooo Men of CO calendar! Our firat window washer I believe. 🙂

  6. grytlappar says:

    first window washer..

  7. Great. Now my cats will be wanting their own window washer.

  8. Not sure who’s having more fun – the guys or the kitteh. Seems about equal though. 🙂

  9. How cute! My cats would have ran and hid…that is if they were awake and noticed.

  10. Copperbat says:

    There’s just something so sweet and poignant about friendships between separate worlds that briefly intersect. Sorta like the dog that has dolphin friends.

  11. “Hey Bill, errr…you’ve been washing that one window for the last 2 hours…”

  12. Lisa marie says:

    You know I did not even notice the kitty in the cat tree! Great catch!

  13. That guy would wave to the kitty!

  14. I’ve been rewatching this series. I enjoy the progress in the series. The cat becomes more enthusiastic and the guys become more creative by using different motions and then sounds. I was also happy to see Mr. Blue Helmet take a turn. Three nice hoomins and a very cute black kittie. I wonder if there are other kitties in other apartments and how any dogs react.