Spend Your Bunday With Duffy And Benson

These two big guys are just relaxin’ on a Bunday- hey, it IS their day after all- chowing down on “lemon balm.”

“Here’s our two bunnies enjoying there favourite herb, lemon balm. It helps them chill out on a Sunday morning. Duffy is on the left and Benson on the right.” -Kevin & Ann.



  1. These two are going at their lemon balm the way my bunny goes for his turnip greens.

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    Those twitching noses and triangular mouths crack me up every time.

  3. Love their matching outfits! Duffy & Benson. Sounds like a law firm. Lol. Adorable munchies.

  4. Bunneh noms are the cutest noms.

  5. Duffy & Benson are so adorable, love their fur colors and markings. I’ve never heard of lemon balm. Will have to find some to see if my bun would like it.

  6. They are really beautiful! Gorgeous markings and such sweet personalities. Lemon Balm is a wonderful scent.

  7. Julie – Lemon Balm is easy to grow in containers as well. It smells lovely, and also makes a nice calling tee for hoomins. I had a nice big pot of it this year

  8. Sigh – stoopy autocucumber. It makes a nice calming tea