Are Your Windows Puppy-Kleen?

Want cleaner windows without all the work? Just spray them with Puppy-Kleen™ canine incentive solution! Puppy-Kleen adds an invisible FlavrLayr™ that dogs can’t resist, and within minutes, your windows are sparkling! Puppy-Kleen comes in bacon, liver, steak, and for a limited time, new Pumpkin Spice!


Via Britt Britt.



  1. From my experience Puppy-Kleen windows have a very high SPF factor–practically no damaging light rays get through.

    (Also, I can’t help but wonder how much bigger that pup will need to get to grow into that tongue.)

  2. Whole new meaning to basic bitch there.

  3. woofiesma says:

    SAA1451 I can’t improve on that at all! My windows have the same SPF factor, especially the front storm door.