Caturday Morning: Sleppy

There’s no time better to sleep in than on Caturday Morning! (Well, if you’re on the East Coast, it’s already Caturday Afternoon. Sorry.) Before YOU take a nap, read this email from Glenna M.:

“Hello C.O.! This sweet little guy is Wiley, who is one of nine (!) kittens born to mother Athena. Wiley is the runt of the litter, tiny in size, but he makes up for it in cuteness and complaining extra loudly when he feels like he’s not getting his share of attention. I am the foster coordinator for Pawsitive Outreach Spay/Neuter Alliance in Newport, WA., and this is the fifth litter of kittens we’ve had born in foster care this year, and I swear each litter is cuter than the last!”



  1. Awwww!!! My first kitty’s name was Wiley. Also known as Weewee and Beebers. She was the kitty of my heart. ❤

  2. totchipanda says:

    I’m afraid we’re going to need more pictures and with the other kittens to see the truth of these claims. For research purposes.

  3. I’m forced to agree with totchipanda–more pix so we can verify the truth of these claims.

  4. Just because we deal in the cute here doesn’t mean we’re not scientific. Definitely more data needed before we can accept hypothesis. Pics please.

  5. The curled back paws did me in.

  6. I love cats to pieces, but one part of Glenna’s note struck me – when she said “this is the fifth litter of kittens we’ve had born in foster care this year”. Shouldn’t all animals in foster care be spayed and neutered to prevent an overpopulation of pets that might end up in shelters with many of them sadly being put down? While little kittens might be easily adoptable, the sheer number she mentions might make it harder for older cats to get a new lease on life…

  7. @Helmut, this probably could have been worded differently. I’m assuming she means that they have rescued/had dropped off five pregnant cats this year. After the litter is born, the mama cats will be spayed.

  8. kittens only grow when they are asleep.Fun Fact!

  9. @Helmut – We don’t ever WANT pregnant cats, we’d prefer to never get any, but we do and unfortunately often when we get them, they are too far along or the pregnant cat is too sick to be able to be spayed at that time. If you will notice, the name of our organization is Pawsitive Outreach SPAY/NEUTER Alliance. Our main goal/focus is to help provide low-income pet owners with spay/neuter assistance, but we also get strays or cats that owners don’t want or can no longer care for. We recently had a cat surrendered to us that had been with her owner since she was a kitten, she was 10 years old and pregnant for at least the 9th time and her owner didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with that. She gave birth in less than a week after she was turned over to us. Since then, she and her kittens (4 females and 1 male) have been fixed and adopted out to new homes. Aside from the handful of foster homes we have, we also have a shelter full of adult cats. We have anywhere from 40- 60 adult cats at any given time. Many are cats that are so feral that normal shelters would not accept them, or they would be euthanized, but we provide a home for them and adopt them out as barn cats to owners willing to provide food, water and shelter in exchange for rodent control services. Others are perfectly nice cats that have become homeless due to no fault of their own, and we endeavor to find homes for all of them. All are spayed/neutered, wormed, treated for fleas, vaccinated and treated for any medical conditions before we find new homes for them. Our organization is very small, with one “official” employee – our founder/director, and 7 volunteer/foster homes, but we have found homes for over 100 animals since the beginning of this year.

  10. Jasper's Hoomin says:

    Yeah, Glenna!

  11. @Glenna, thank you for being a special person!! I hope you have a web site, I would like to help your organization.

  12. @Clairdelune, yes we do have a website, it is Thank you for wanting to help!

  13. Skwee!

  14. Yay Glenna!! You to be admired by humans as well as kitties!!

  15. Thanks for the clarifications, Glenna. And thank you for your efforts to save them all!!!

  16. grytlappar says:

    Glenna, that’s great that you can find a solution for the feral cats too! I rode horses a lot when I grew up and there were always cats around, and they seemed super happy. Food, shelter/warmth, pals (the horses; they love their kitties), ear scritches from us for those who wanted… 🙂

    And the bebeh kitten here is keeling me with his hind feets.