Ferret-Ferrying Flume Fails; Feds Frantic

DEER LOOGIE, MT — Operators of the Transcontinental Ferret Pipeline have reported a major breach, causing a ferret spill about one mile in diameter. Federal investigators cite human error as the cause, noting the pipeline had been accidentally set for both eastbound and westbound traffic.


Endangered black-footed ferrets, via USFWS Mountain-Prairie.



  1. Look at those cute faces! Wish that ferret pipeline was in my area.

  2. Please build a ferret pipeline right through my back yard (as I sit back and pray for a “spill”). 🙂

  3. Do they need help with the clean up? I will bravely and selflessly volunteer my time and effort to pick up each and everyone of those fuzzy tube cleaners.

  4. You had me at Deer Loogie, NTMTOM!

  5. Love ferrets! Would love to have ferret spill in my yard.

  6. Heck, you had me at that title! Great alliteration.

  7. Deer Loogie, MT Slick.

  8. Ferrets appear flummoxed.

  9. These guys need prairie dogs as their main prey, so please oppose poisoning and other destruction of prairie dog colonies.