#Tocktober: Even Cats Admire ‘Tocks

We’ve got Supreme Goldie Action on the kitchen floor here, with RULE #47 strictly enforced: Splayed haunch action is cute.

“Hi Cute Overload, my sweet golden Theo is shown here splaying out, while his brother, Mia (boy cat with girl name,) looks on, judging*.” -Jennifer H.

[*Note– A cat, judging you? Imagine that. -Ed.]



  1. I think Mia is just jealous cause Theo’s tail is floofier than his!

  2. LOL I love this! 🙂

  3. Jenny Islander says:

    “Ugh. If I want to go down this hall I will have to move within the range of his doggie aura. How inconsiderate can you get?”

  4. Both of your babies are adorable, Jennifer H.! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. Jennifer H. says:

    Thank you amyliz and ghOstpupp3t!! And Mia is the resident fancypants around here, so there may be a *tiny* bit of jealousy over Theo’s tail 🙂 You nailed it, Jenny Islander 🙂

  6. Thanks amyliz and ghOstpupp3t! They are sweet peas! Tamara, Mia is the resident fancypants in our house, so I think you’re correct in thinking there’s a tad bit of jealousy happening over Theo’s floof levels. Jenny Islander, it’s an every day struggle, haha.