Are You A NO-IT-ALL? Headline THIS!

812HelsCyhLHow about winning a copy of the brand new book from Grumpy Cat, “No-It-All!” It’s full of feel-good topics just begging for a cranky makeover: kittens, rainbows, smiles, birthday parties, cuddles, and more. Grumpy Cat teaches us to say “ugh.” Nothing sweet is safe from this famous frown. Grumpy Cat No-It-All includes a page of removable stickers- perfect for sticking on your new laptop- which is what I did.

So…write up you best Grumpy Style headline for the above photo! (International entries OK, and no purchase required!) Make it short, like these examples, or like the one on the photo above. We’ll pick our top three favorites and each will get a copy of the book (along with a Grumpy Cat Flexi-Journal) which is due out in one week! Good luck- winners posted at 1pm PT!



  1. kNOwledge is power.

  2. Athos' Mom says:

    Pick up my new book… or else.

  3. Unsold copies will be shredded for my litter box.

  4. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    You see my face?
    That’s how excited I am about this book.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    The book you can judge by its cover.

  6. Angie Pierce says:

    Book signing party? Not on your life.

  7. “Ugh, another contest.”

  8. Cat Skyfire says:

    Buy my book and I’ll hate you a little less.

  9. .. no .. just plain no ..

    Who can say no to that face

  10. NO-ledge Is Power

  11. You can judge an idiot by his caption

  12. Smiles are like white leggings. They aren’t good for anyone.

  13. A journey of a thousand miles ends with a single trip

  14. Life is like your face. No one said it’s fair.

  15. The world is a stage. You should stick to non-speaking roles.

  16. Those are some nice dreams. They’d look good crumpled up on my floor.

  17. My litter box has more interesting content

  18. You’ve got a great face for radio. And a great voice for Mime.

  19. I have buyer’s remorse. I’m sad you people are my buyers.

  20. You can’t judge a book by the idiot reading it.

  21. Read my lips!

  22. I saved you the trouble of reading my book…. it was awful.

  23. I know where you live. Buy my book NOW!

  24. Just say .. no ..

  25. Ah, the smell of a new book…
    Hope you like “Eau de Schadenfreude”.

  26. #1 on the NO York Times Best Sellers List

  27. “I’m Cute Over-It.”

  28. You might want to judge this one by its cover

  29. You want my book? Can you even read?

  30. You don’t deserve my contempt.
    Wait…yes you do.

  31. They printed it in Dog!d

  32. File this in the card cat-alog under “Awful”

  33. A book is a gift you can close again and again.

  34. Christmas….bah humbug!

  35. I had another book. It was still awful.

  36. No winners here. Just freeloading whiners.

  37. Get my book…
    … to smash a spider.

  38. Tardar Sauce a.k.a. Grumpy Cat says “Another awful book.”

  39. I know where u live….I WILL find u!!!!!❤