#Tocktober Is ALSO….

…Bat Appreciation Month! For more details checked out Bat World Sanctuary, one of our fave FB sites…and well as these Lil’ Drac videos from the archives! And here is a live Bat-Cam!



  1. What a dear, sweet creature! I love his little face and eyes as he nurses. So glad there is a place to help these little guys!!

  2. Live bat cam?! Are you serious?! Well, there goes my day. Hopefully no one comes by my desk and discovers that I’ve accomplished no work but have watched several straight hours of live bats!

  3. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Lil Drac makes my day; thanks Cuteoverload!

  4. No battocks?

  5. Bats are the best! I admit, as much as I love traditionally Qte creatures like puppehs and kittehs, my favorites are the little weirdos – bats, lizards, that spider who does the ‘YMCA’ dance…

  6. BatBlaster says:

    Tag this as bats so I can find it easier. Also, was there no sound it that last one. Or should I ask Bat World Sanctuarythat.

  7. Copperbat says:

    hahaha @Kristin, I’m thinking the same thing. XD

    I marvel at how they’re able to nurse such a tiny creature. Adorable!

  8. the rocking just kills me ded!

  9. I melt into a big pile of goo every time I see him rock. All creatures great and small. ❤

  10. I cry happy tears every single time I see him grow survive and ROCK. Flying mammals!

  11. Lil Drac #1 video always moves me to tears—-painfully sweet.

  12. Sniffle sniffle. Keep rocking, lil’ drac!!

  13. Cynthia M says:

    I love Lil Drac. I remember how I cried the first time I saw his first video. What a sweetie.

  14. I absolutely love bats since I was about 5 in our backyard
    With my mom & brother! They would fly out from the attic of a
    old house next to our property and eat the mosquitoes!
    When I first found the website & saw lil’ drac, I cried & laughed!
    So sweet & funny, brought joy that are rescuers out there
    to help save these babies & ones that are hurt! Thank you!