Ferret Friday: Beauregard II

Above, ya got your ‘Tocks N’ Beans in one end of the play tube…and below, there’s the other end! Wow, that’s one long Slinky Ferret!

“Here are another couple of our Beau-borini in his all-time favorite mailing tube,” says Scott S.



  1. Ferret Friday *AND* a Tock .. Woowho !!

    btw .. That’s why the internet is slow sometimes .. There’s a ferret in the board-band ‘pipe’

  2. Beauregard….great name for any critter but works really well for ferrets!

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My Granddad used to have a wiener dog named Beauregard. It’s just a perfect name for long skittery things.

    I love the idea of a all-time favorite mailing tube. “There are many others like it but this one is mine.”

  4. I love ferrets so much. And they are so easy to spoil. They are happiest with a tupperware container full of rice, or a paper bag, or a mailing tube… or your shoes/remotes/socks. You adorable slinkies.