But I’m Already In Bed!

Seriously, if you think the cage is so wonderful, you sleep in there!



  1. Wow. Big dog; small cage. You must be so proud.

  2. We have left our dog’s crate set up because he likes it even though it is an eyesore to us. The door is always open and he goes in on his own to sleep. It won’t be long before this sweet puppy is too big to pick up! I love the giggling and happy romp at the end!

  3. Aaaaand I forgot that the p word puts one in moderation. 😉

  4. People INSIST dogs like their kennels, that they feel safe in them. What I see are dogs who hate them, shake and act terrified, and are miserable. I think they are cruel. Sorry, I can’t like this post. 😦

  5. The puppeh would be sleeping on my bed, even if it meant I had to sleep in his crate. 🙂

  6. molehillbutnomountain says:

    My (smaller) dog loves her (bigger) crate, no problem there, but seeing a human who doesn’t give her dog clear signals about expected behaviors makes me break out all over in a ’nuffer rash.

  7. I don’t know why so many people are upset about this, it was just a baby doggeh that wanted to stay up and play like every little tot. He didn’t seem scared, he sat pleasantly in his crate until she invited him back out again. And it wasn’t that small. All in all, CUTE:1, NUFF:0

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    BIG puppeh!