“It’s Toesday? Wake Me On Wombat Wednesday.”

It looks like Dingo The Kitteh is just gonna pass on today. Seeya tomorrow, Big D. From Mari L.



  1. .. And Dingo was her name’o ..

    Sorry .. I know I can’t sing *wink*

  2. What a great place to snooze! Can I join you Dingo?? I’d like to pass today….i’m up to my armpits in Alligators today.

  3. looks like prime sunbeam location.

  4. Wow, what an ideal cat spot! Up high, with a nice big window . . . Dingo’s one lucky cat.

  5. Was this house designed by a cat? A perfect place to lay in a sunbeam away from all grabby hands!

  6. A friend has an orange tabby kitty named Mac (short for Mac n’ cheese) who sleeps in a similar location in their house. Only, occasionally he rolls off the ledge in his sleep.

  7. Brouhaha, I would pay good money to see that!

  8. Archicatchure 101: sunny window + horizontal surface + height = purrfect.

  9. Oh, to have a house just filled with kitty toebeans.