Toesday 3: Perigo De Morte!

Yep, sounds just about right, I’d say. “Please find attached a photo from my recent holiday in Salema, Portugal. Sure, he’s quiet enough now, but you have been warned.” -Sarah P.



  1. Portuguese for “don’t annoy the kitteh”? 😀

  2. I wish my kitteh had come with the appropriate warning labels! I blame OSHA or maybe a failing of UL regulatory standards.

  3. You will die.

  4. RealSkeptic says:

    We have an old local song that translates to something like: “They say it is well known / that a black cat brings bad luck / but the fact is, my friends / it’s actually the cat who is unlucky”.

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Reminds me of a picture I saw eons ago. It was an electrical panel with panel doors that open outward. The left door had a placard that said “DANGER: KEEP AWAY.” The right door had a placard that said “KITTENS TRAPPED INSIDE: OPEN THE DOOR TO SAVE THEM.”