The C.O. Guide to Word Origins

In 17th century Europe, superstitious peasants believed that the sins of a village could be cleansed by placing a cat on a goat and driving it from town. It is from this custom that we derive our modern-day term catgoatscapegwanscramenating.



  1. (E)scape Goat

  2. LOVE the guitar music!!…who or what is it??

  3. Cats n racks? Pretty impressive rack on that there animal.

  4. Cat is almost as big as the sheep!

  5. At least it is not one of those sheep that think the are birds.

  6. Not a goat, it’s a ram

  7. Each time the ram stops, he seems to be wondering where and how, he gained the extra pounds, he’s carrying around.

  8. At least that keeps the cat away from the new couch. Definition of rear guard. Or new Ram with rear safety camera and heated seats.

  9. Scramenating. O gwan NTMTOM. Sheesh.

  10. The Original Jane says:

    @April – Yes, I came here to comment on the music too. Beautiful. It sounds similar to an Andalusian (Spain) guitar mix tape someone gave me a long time ago. Not sure if it is from there but sounds very similar.

  11. That is very Cats and Racks Or Uber, but warmer.

  12. Yes Arne, you may be right! Thank you!…I do know of Jesse Cook…thought the music sounded somewhat familiar. Funny, I have tickets to see him next month 🙂

  13. @Arne…correction…you *are* right! Thank you!

  14. Jesse Cook? Never heard of him. ** wanders off to youtube for Catalina footage **.

  15. Porta-goatie-kitty-potty.

  16. Cats are not dumb….this is a warm taxi in the snow!