Mail Call!

This kind and dutiful old dog knows how to please Mr. Postman — by carrying the mail from the curb to the house. (And if any checkup reminders from the vet’s office happen to get lost in the bushes… well, these things just happen.)



  1. Awww, Postman should’ve petted the pup on the head. Hope the homeowner does.

  2. Love those old golden faces!

  3. Great, but can she do packages? (and yes, I would have given him smoochies)

  4. Goldens are so awesome!

  5. What a sweet, helpful, lovable dog. Definitely deserves a pat, a hug, and a treat for such excellent service!!

  6. From the ‘tube: “13 year old Golden Retriever, the best dog ever. Every time postman comes to his house he [runs] walks towards him to take mail. His reward is a cookie from his owner Vitomir.” ❤ It's in Croatia. It looks nice.

    Also, I believe it's "advanced in beauty", not "old". 🙂

  7. Who’s a cute baby!

  8. I wonder if he does the same thing with the butcher’s delivery ! 🙂

  9. That reminds me of when I was a child and did a paper round in the mornings, there was a Goldie who would wait outside his/her(?) house every morning and take the paper from me to its owners – I found out that when it delivered the paper, it got a biscuit! If I was late on my round, the Goldie would come down the road looking for me and take the paper wherever I’d got to and trot back home with it – completely adorable!

  10. grytlappar – Oh, I am going to adopt that saying. I love it.

    This doggie is precious!

  11. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The lab my mom had growing up would try to game the system for more treats. They’d wake up to find the whole neighborhood’s papers in a pile on their doorstep.

  12. @BFB………. LOL that’s cute!!! @Molls………. me too-they are such sweethearts!

  13. Croatia looks like a beautiful place – and they have beautiful goggies there. I’d like to visit!

  14. Lovely Goldie doing her job. Probably started as a pup.
    I agree with @GD. Advanced in beauty: aren’t we all.

  15. Sigh. If I could just get my dogs to stop barking their heads off when the FedEx guy comes, I’d be thrilled.

  16. I love the happy tail in the distance at the end!

  17. You see, THIS is what those other dogs who freak out when the mail is dropped through the door slot should be doing, not tearing it all apart.