#CO10: September 12, 2006

COTENLARGETime to kick off the C.O. Tenth Anniversary Celebrayshe! C.O. first launched September 26, 2005, with the Kitteh Image you see at left! And for the last few weeks we’ve been getting emails in from You, Our Peeps, with your favorite posts of the last decade. So here they are, all day long! Many Thanks go to You, Our Peeps, for being there for every post along the way!

“Omg. 10 years!? That’s amazing. I love C.O. Needs more Hedgies, though. My wife’s totem animal is the Hëdgënhöggën. My favorite C.O. moment is Moose the Hamster: I still say “EET WEEL FEET!” to this day.” -Mark D.

#CO10: Cute Overload’s Tenth Anniversary Celebrayshe…continues!



  1. Grape Expectations.
    Happy 10th Anniversary to CO, my pun true home on the innerwebs.