“Octopussy”! No, Wait — “Cathulhu”! Wait…

“Yeah, that’s right, Comedy Boy — go ahead and make your little jokes, while I lie here with these eating machines clamped onto me. Just remember — I’m the one who toilet trains them, and I know where you leave your slippers at night.”


Via Imgur.



  1. Haha, NTMTOM, that was my first thought too – “Not only will I pee in your shoes, I’ll teach them all to do it too!”

  2. Da look is screaming
    “Seriously ?? Have you never heard of private time ? Go away before I swat that camera outta you hands”

  3. januaryfarmer says:

    Doug…totally correct. “Yeah. Get your stinking camera outta here. It’s more difficult than you think.”

  4. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

  5. Fifty Shades of Nay

  6. Oakley wins! 😀

    Maybe a fuzzy Ood?

  7. Saffron and Oakley, WELL played. I would love a fuzzy ood that purred.

  8. I hope that poor mommy cat was spayed after this litter. She looks SO unhappy having all those teeth chewing on her.

  9. Jenny Islander says:

    “If you’re gonna stand there squealing about how cyoooot they are, YOU nurse ’em!”

  10. Definately time to switch them to “KittenChow”.

  11. Laser eye beams, if I ever did see them.

  12. Poor mom. she looks like she’s being eaten alive.

  13. Just WAIT till I see your father!