Maymo In 2016: Dog Bones For Everyone!

maymopresidentiallogoHillary? Nah. Biden? (Has he made up his mind yet?) Forget the guy with the hair. There’s only ONE candidate Cute Overload supports for the 2016 Presidential Election. #VoteMaymo!

Penny is the logical choice for #2- but if relatives can’t be on the ticket, we suggest Limberbutt McCubbins as his Veep- whadya think? Bipartisan politics, or…something? (UPDATE:) We checked in with Maymo’s campaign office about Penny, and they told us, “She’s still deliberating. She’d rather chew socks in the corner. She’ll probably end up doing robocalls.”



  1. Maymo gets my vote!

  2. @JudyRB- THAT’s it. Get this train rollin’!

  3. Most promising candidate so far!

  4. Mildred from Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is also in the race! #Mildred2016

  5. I’d sure vote for Maymo over most of the others, especially the one with the bad hair. Go MAYMO!!! (this video is hilarious!)

  6. He certainly couldn’t do any worse than obama and his crowd.

  7. Elaine C Williamson says:

    I would vote for Maymo for president and Limberbutt as his running mate before any of the others.

  8. I’d also vote for Mildred the Pug – she has life experience, and I wouldn’t mess with her!

  9. I was thinking the guy who stands at the entrance to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel with the “Vote for Me” scrawled-on-cardboard signs, waving to the cars, was the best presidential candidate so far, but now I’m Team Maymo. (And my, his humans are getting ambitious with their videos!)

  10. Iwonder if Stubbs,the mayor cat,would consider being put on the ticket as veep?

  11. I think Stubbs is retired.

  12. I would vote for Maymo any day! He’s the cutest candidate in the race and you know you can trust him. Well, sorta. 🙂

  13. I recall a politician famously said “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”…so we should! 😀

  14. He is still listed as mayor,but at 17 years old he might consider retiring.Being veep is clearly not practical.

  15. Smartypants! Excellent quote! And I can’t believe the things Maymo’s hoomins come up with.

  16. He had me at “bacon”……