Advanced Human Hand Gestures, Lesson One

Having mastered single-person gestures such as the peace sign, the thumbs-up, and the “it’s up there in the exact middle of the ceiling” gesture, you are now ready for two-person gestures, such as the celebratory high-five.

To begin, face your partner and raise your paw so that it is about even with your face. This serves as the invitation to the high-five gesture. Your partner should then return the gesture and strike your paw with light to moderate force.


Via Niusnews.



  1. The big puppeh looks like his eyes are closed .. no wonder he missed ‘Da Paw’ on the little guy

  2. It’s okay. I miss the other hand a lot, too.

  3. “Oops! Sorry, Brutus – let’s try it again”

  4. Eeeeeeeee! Too cute! 🙂

  5. The paw, the paw, not the face!