WHO’S The Boss? That’s Right, I Am

Following yesterday’s Pizza Rat, we’re back to Noo Yawk for….Boss Rat.

So this kitteh lives inside this health food store, and patrols the premises to keep out the…well, rats. And THIS rat knows that.

(Say like a NYC Cabbie:) “Hey Cat- yoo wanna piece o’ DIS? I gotcher “Cat & Mouse game” right HEAH, pally.”

(The Gothamist.)



  1. I bet the mousie ran late at his day job and got locked out of the store at closing time. Cat night watch supervisor is NOT sympathetic. It’s a tough life in the Big Apple.

  2. Cat: Damn you, non-automatic doors!

  3. The mouse apparently didn’t see the sign saying to use the other door.

  4. This is like a bad fraternity pledge dare.

  5. 😆 That dear sweet kitty is determined that NO rodents will get inside that store 😆

  6. @Geno: I totally agree! Cat is like: “Can’t you read the damn sign? Use the other @#$%ing door!”

  7. This is such a NY situation…

  8. And while the cat is completely distracted at the front of the shop, the rat’s mates are quietly rummaging through the nut stores at the back….

  9. maybe he should try this?