THIS JUST IN: Pope Francis Has Just Arrived In The US

Looks like he brought Teh QTE with him, too. Fantastic. #PopeInDC.



  1. Another one for the Men of CO calendar!

    (I’M KIDDING! I’M KIDDING! Thought he is rather cute, in an old man kind of way.)

  2. Happier looking lamb photo.

  3. aw I love this. St Francis and the animals, Pope Francis. Neat. He has a kind face.

  4. Perhaps it would be best if CO tried to stay secular? Since I don’t think there’s anything “cute” about giving free positive publicity to the head of this particular anti-gay religious organisation.

  5. The Pope is in Washington, preparing to meet the Commander-in-Sheep.

  6. Kind of close to a political comment oakley

  7. I am sure you meant it only as a shift in the word “chief”..

  8. @murkle46 My remark is totally a-punlitical.

  9. He looks like he’s tending the flock to me

  10. Looks like he’s saying, “did you just drape me in a lamb?”

    For the record, this photo does not offend me, I think it’s adorable, and I don’t feel like CO is “giving free publicity…” It’s a picture of a cute lamb on a smiling man’s shoulders. So 1-1 for that.

  11. Welcome to New York, your holiness – come for the churches, stay for the adorable rodents.

  12. This guy maybe popular with the masses but he is going to kill his security detail. Between wandering into crowds and sneaking out at night, they’re probably all nervous wrecks.

    ex – he’s driving a FIAT, not the armored tank the President drives. If you look hard at those things they dent.

  13. Take any picture that has a human in it, and I guarantee I disagree with that human about something. Probably something big and important. The picture is still cute if it has an adorable animal and a human having fun appreciating said adorable animal.

  14. Who am I to judge: but pic looks cute to me.

  15. World’s cutest security breach – I don’t think he was expecting it, but he’s certainly a good sport.

    I’m not offended either – I’m completely non-religious, and yet I think this Pope is great. What a breath of fresh air.

  16. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’m actively anti-religious and I think this Pope is a respectable dude, even though I disagree vehemently with a chunk of what he stands for.

  17. I let the church many years ago for personal reasons. That being said, I respect this Pope’s message of kindness. I see the joy in his eyes from meeting this cute lamberson and it gives me hope.

    Please be kind to each other. CO is a bastion of light on an internet where people can sometimes be quite mean and posting a pic of the Pope and a lamb (which is the name of my new prog rock group 🙂 ) from my perspective was done of love and teh qte. ❤

  18. Totally Jersey says:

    @Saffron – Well said!!!
    @All – Can I get a round of baby lambies for everyone?

  19. Hear, hear – baby lambies all around! And Saffron, that would be an awesome band name!

  20. He is getting sparse in the hair department, he needs a little lamby neck warmer!! And to jump on the bandwagon, I love this Pope too! I’m not religious, but who needs to be religious to recognize a kind soul when you see one? He has lamby’s approval, that’s good enough for me!

  21. @nina: oh, come on! Don’t you read any news? Check the quote “Who am I to judge” on the Internet, pls. I am not religious, but I like this guy. Of course, the lamb is cute too:)

  22. Pope Francis loves people and lambies…… that’s pretty obvious…
    (signed) a catholic who is not apologetic for him or for the Church……
    Mebbee we can try to love and help one another like he does;
    we just might wind up having just as good a time as Francis & the lambie !!!

  23. For every vaguely progressive comment he makes, he either retracts it himself or his underlings do. This pope is largely the same as his predecessors, aside from a better PR departement. Everyone is too blinded by the kindly-looking old man wearing the big hat to see that the catholic church is still doing all those harmful things it’s always done.

  24. His namesake Francis of Assisi loved animals even more.