One Day, Someone In Japan Woke Up And Thought…

“We need to invent little kitteh bandanas that we can sell in vending machines because here, you can buy ANYTHING in a vending machine.

And so they did.





(From RN24 via Andrew Y.)

[UPDATE: You can buy these here– I think. They have these, too (below.) Remember Sushi Cat? -Ed.]



  1. Love these! But not sure the kittehs will like having their ears under wraps.

  2. So cute, haha the cat in the blue one seems happy with his

  3. I’m sure. They won’t!

  4. They really should get Shiro to endorse it and model for them.

  5. Yup, would be so much better with holes for the ears. Cuter, too!

  6. Shiro might be the only cat who doesn’t mind wearing one of these.

  7. Hooray!

  8. My cat would chew my arm off if I even thought about buying those.

  9. What? How? What?? 😀

  10. Saffron, even more to the point – WHY?!?!?!?!?