And…Back To The Big Apple…Again

What IS going on in Noo Yawk? Yesterday it was Pizza Rat…then just an hour and a half ago it was Health Food Store Mouse/Cat…and now it’s Shake Shack Squirrel!

(Gothamist and Mashable.)



  1. Between pizza rat and Shake Shack skwerlio, I’m expecting a news story on the rising obesity rates of NYC vermin soon.

  2. Eating good in the neighborhood.

  3. And this is how Chuckles the squirrel developed a sugar fixation that lead to his diabetes…

  4. Do you think it’s almond milk?

  5. I kept yelling at him to show us his shakestache but I don’t think he heard me. Sorry guys.

  6. Guess he didn’t get the memo about “Squirrels eat nuts and seeds” – or he just chose to ignore it!

  7. I heard the shake shack has four hour lines..anyone confirm this?