Ultimate Nomming Sounds HERE!

Wait ’til you hear little Mr. SquirrelPants chomp away on this Cheerio™! Needless to say, those speakers gotta go UP! Munchmunchmunchmunchmunch.

“My name is Eric and you posted a few of my videos of Pickles and Hazel the squirrels. I’ve been lucky enough recently that I happened to have an apprenticeship under a licensed rehabber offered to me – a position that I took. I am taking care of two orphaned squirrels – a boy named Zatoichi, and his sister Agnes.”



  1. Awwwww.

  2. Aww! I want to hold a Cheerio-eating skwerlio!

  3. Maybe Eric should apply for a free incubator from BabyWarm.org!

  4. Please consult your rehabbing teacher. Squirrels should not eat processed human food. Thank you.

  5. Nawww!

  6. Congrats on your apprenticeship, Eric.
    Zatoichi and Agnes are lucky to be in your caring hands.

  7. Congrats Eric! It is wonderful you have an apprenticeship!!! Zatoichi is so adorable..I could listen to those nomming sounds all day. It is clear you love skwerls and your kindness makes the world a better place. ❤

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    I wasn’t prepared for the purring at :46!

  9. Is Zatoichi blind?

  10. angie christi says:

    Good one Deckard Canine!! Watch out for his cane.

  11. Aww, and do they eat the honey-nut variety?

  12. Semi-closed eyes and spread-out toes – Cheerio bliss!

  13. Why feed it Cheerios? Processed, salt, sugar? I don’t get it. Feed it food meant for a squirrel.