This Is Everybody’s Monday Everywhere

You come in to work, you have your coffee, you spend a couple of minutes looking at Teh Qte, and then you get down to work. And that’s when everything goes wrong.



  1. I know them feels, bro.

  2. Yup.

  3. This is me on the rare, horrible occasions I have to use the fax machine.

  4. Hahahahaha! I laugh-snorted through that whole video. Poor Billy.

  5. Wait until you go through menopause. That’s pretty much it for 2-4 years.
    Give the pup some coffee first. Hilarious.

  6. I can’t believe humans didn’t set the stage or train the dog. So much fail in one short video. Hugs to you, Billy–we all been there.

  7. I know that this will NOT be a popular opinion, but instead of tagging these types of videos/photos as “Fail”, what if you called it a “QTry” because I don’t think this pup failed at anything. He put more effort into that frisbee than a lot of people put into their daily tasks (random shopping carts all over the grocery store parking lot support my theory) and he was a SUCESS at entertaining me.

  8. I like that idea, @Julie

  9. Add a migraine and some nausea and that was my morning…

  10. if only dogs could swear! Aaarglll-farglll-rugr-frugr Frisbee!!!

  11. Good Idea, Julie!

  12. I like it too, Julie! “QTry” (or “A+ for Effort” or something similar) would be a great tag.

  13. Yep, like that stupid piece of veggie that rolled under the stove yesterday.

  14. somebody please get the frisbee out of the shed for the puppeh!

  15. Prinsas – I was yelling that at the end!