Rats, It’s STILL Monday

And it looks like someone is ready for some Noo Yawk style pizza, to go. He is REALLY getting it to go. Can you bring pizza on the subway? Guess not.

(Sports Illustrated.)



  1. I love this – he’s hauling it home to feed his whole rattie family!

  2. Aww, so determined. I kind of wish the guy gave him a hand when he dropped it at the end.

  3. Taking the pizza home to the turtles 😉

  4. Let’s be honest, a NYC subway rat could haul a side of beef home.

  5. @Kar And the ones that I’ve seen doing it where big as small; dogs!

  6. @Kar You are so right! I saw a NYC rat the size and shape of a French Bull Dog once. True story.

  7. @Juno At least Pizza Rat got a shot on the inter webs. Me: zero.

  8. The rat is just trying to support its family…