New Maru: He IS NOT Gonna Try And Get In There!

Oh yes he is.



  1. Anyone else see a resemblance to Garfield in the legs and tail area? (A Tail of Two Kitties movie)

  2. Don’t film me, mom!

  3. “See? I told you I fitz.” 🙂

  4. He haz no time for physics. He is Maru. 😀

  5. .. OH NO .. That mouse ate Maru !!

    (sort of)

  6. Maru is a liquid and a solid at the same time!

  7. That is pure laugh out loud cat behavior.

  8. I love that “There is no try, young jedi.” look he gives the camera at the end.

  9. Maru attempts mouth-to-mouse resuscitation…and gets a bit carried away.

  10. PHoebe's Mom says:


  11. Alice Shortcake says:

    And to think he could have simply jumped on the table and got in through the back…but that would have been too easy.

  12. I wonder if the opening on the back side is larger than the front…

  13. The BEST his roundness antics evah…………*ded*

  14. Maru gives a truly baleful look at the camera at the end. “You could have put this on the floor, you know. You made me work so hard! Hmmph!”

  15. He is so ridiculous. And I love him.

  16. Best.



  17. This is pure Maru gold… 😀

  18. LOVE that chubbular tail – remarkable!

  19. This is begging for an “Ehn!” tag!!