Totally and completely outrageous! Buntastic! Rabbriffic! ‘TOCKTACULAR! [Not to mention the disapproval on the left.]

Photo by Janneke. Exquisite find, Johanna S.

[*Note: Ten days ’til ‘Tocktober First…and WE NEED YOUR ‘TOCKS. Well, not YOUR ‘Tocks…a photo of your pet’s ‘Tocks. Or ANY Cute Animuhl ‘Tocks. Except Black Widow Spiders. Not cute. -Ed.]

[**Note II: Of course, this is an Encore Presentaysh, so it can’t be JUST IN. But that was on the original post, so it stays. -Ed.]



  1. LOL, it took me several looks before I realized it wasn’t a single rabbit looking over his shoulder!

  2. Buns! 🙂 <– double entendre there. 😛 I wish I had a pet to submit their 'tocks. LOL

  3. Adooorable bun tocks! So fuzzy, want to tickle his feet. Love the aloof disapproval coming from the other bun.

  4. Good heavens! The face of the bun on the left could give Grumpy Cat a run for her money! Although none of us look our best while sleeping. A very fine set of ‘tocks on the other bunny!

  5. Ooo, Ive been counting the days til Tockstober! I must say, this photo is so buntastic-itll hold me over for sure!