Mystical Creature: Wolf Elf

Stats: Strength, 5; Magic, 15; Intellect, 3; Cuteness, 74 + 20 x saving roll

Abilities: Squirrel Chase +6, Tail Chase +2, Soulful Eyes +9

When Wolf Elf is in play, all characters must roll 2 x 20 to determine “Dawww” effect. Characters under the “Dawww” spell are reduced to infantile blubbering for remainder of turn. Wolf Elf may be countered by playing Enchanted Stick of Fetching.


Via Reddit.



  1. Oh, no, I can’t stand the cuteness. The beautiful face, the adorable paws, the furry belleh, and the magic silver robe. But, Merlin, where is your wand? Oh, that’s the Enchanted Stick of Fetching! I am under your spell now and forever.

  2. Who’s got the sweetest face? Yes!

  3. Dawww indeed.

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    This is basically my D&D character, only not 7 feet tall.

    ~*gnolls 4 lyfe*~