Definite Bongo Feet Noted!!

Just got this email in from Martina M., who says “I recently created an Instagram for my cute bun Elsa, lots of ‘Tocktober/Bunday-worthy pictures on there (as well as never-ending noms). Hope one makes it onto your page. :)”


Sorry Martina; couldn’t WAIT for Bunday or ‘Tocktober!




  1. Omgosh a bunny shaped fluffy white cloud floated into the house and quietly descended to the floor. Shhh don’t wake it up.

    Total absolute white wonderment of a bun.

  2. Nap attack. Zzzzzzzzzzz

  3. fkaWaldenPond says:

    I love bongo feet/scram sound effect… Seriously, that plays in my head when I leave work to go home. And bunneh tuckus to boot? Night complete’

  4. OMG, she is so sweet!

  5. Aww, cute little bunbun!

  6. A beautiful white bun – I’m sure she’s very precious. Give her a big snorgle from me.