#CO10: Thanks, Grumpy Cat! (We…Think?)

COTENLARGEWe’re not sure if Tardar Sauce wants to eat that cake..or, um, throw it at us. In any event, thank you for the kind wishes! And thank you for the promo copy of your new book (below,) in stores October 13th! Have a favorite post from the last ten years? Send ‘er in! (Just email us a URL with the specific post.) Then on September 26th, we’ll run ’em all day long! PS Thanks go to April.




  1. The cutest grump who ever grumped.

  2. Did they Photoshop her to make her grumpier on the book cover?

  3. Alice Shortcake says:

    Is she sitting next to James Bond’s bulldog figurine?

  4. @Alice Shortcake: That is indeed Jack, the bulldog on M’s desk. @Ellen: What?