“What’s Cuter Than Three Bebeh Buns?”

That was the subject line of the email Sharon B-C (Western Australia) sent to us. And the answer is easy- not much! (Can’t flat say nothing else is cuter; Quokkas, ya know.)

“Maybe a Bebeh Bun displaying Rule #58? These photos were taken of some adorable baby bunnies at the Blue Hills Farmstay in Harvey, Western Australia. My son just LOVED them (understandably!) For your consideration for Bunday. Keep the cute coming!”



  1. What’s better than three bebeh buns? That’s easy! FOUR bebeh buns!

  2. @Nathan, I was going to say that. The only thing better would be if they were mine!

  3. I love Rule #58, especially on bunnies! It usually means they are curious about what’s going on at the moment. So adorable!