NEW MARU: Window Shades Make Great Hiding Spots

And a bonus here—-we get to see (we think) Mugumogu’s hand!



  1. Even her window shades are spotless (SIGH!)

  2. Those are some tough shades >:3
    Go Maru! ❤

  3. Bonus points to Maru for not bending the slats in the shades. Not so at my house… sigh. And agree, Mary-d, how can there be no dust at all on the shades??? I incubate dust bunnies there.

  4. Cats are the best thing that ever happened to window blind sales.

  5. Plus they get a dusting from the fur oozing between.

  6. That would make a great ad for realllly well made blinds. 🙂

  7. At Maru’s Blinds, we field test all our products! We don’t say “Meow” until you say “Meow.”

  8. I knew someone was going to mention the spotless shades! Those are always so tough to keep clean, I can only aspire to her spotlessness. And Maru’s face was all “how did you find me here?”

  9. Those are pretty sturdy blinds! Mine are chewed up & have broken slats.

  10. fkaWaldenPond says:

    I truly think the NY Times should consider this for the feature ‘Anatomy of a Scene’. Seriously.

  11. Cats n slats?

  12. Re: spotless shades

    This is Japan after all, where flooded subway looks as clean as swimming pools:

  13. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That’s hilarious.

    I love how he pours out between the “blades.” He’s like some kind of cat-flavored pudding.

  14. Those blinds have definitely taken a licking, as shown here: Obviously some superior craftsmanship, because regular blinds would have been a broken mess in the floor after that kind of treatment.

  15. I’ve worked it out – they MUST be brand new blinds. There is NO way a normal human being could have blinds that clean and that straight, not with cats in the house. Mine often look like a giant’s mouth full of bad dental work – white bits sticking out at all angles.