“What Happened To Ferret Friday?” -Shelly L.

“I can only imagine that few of my fellow Ferret Fans have sent in their photos and YouTube clips. [*Note: Correct. Can’t post what you don’t have. -Ed.] Come on, Weasel People! There are a million Ferrets just in the U.S.! I thank you for showing my Fuzzies previously, and obviously I am going to have to make a bigger effort to keep you in FuzzButt Photos. This is Steve BTW. I love what you do, Shelly.”



  1. I love when pets have people names, like “Steve”.

  2. Every time I click back from checking comments I get a quick peek at Steve before going down to the post I was on. His look is all “Shouldn’t you be doing work since you are at work?”

  3. Steve needs a nose boop! I volunteer as tribute!

  4. I didn’t know ferrets could Baroo!

    Julie, me too!

  5. Does he know Allen? Let’s find out. Allen. Allen. Al. Al. Oh yes! Steeeve. Steeeve.
    Adorable boy. So much personality.


  7. That expression is adorable. He looks so innocent but I know better – ferrets love to cause mischief.

  8. You mean its not Flash Friday?

    I’ve been doing it wrong since 5th Grade….

  9. Such a cutie! Love his little “innocent” expression. 🙂

  10. I love ferret Friday soooooo much, please keep them coming! I can’t contribute pics because I don’t have a ferret buddy, but I love them so much.