Welcome to Chickens Anonymous

A reminder before we start, don’t be afraid to speak up. Remember our motto: “Fear Is Why We’re Here.” Chickens Anonymous is a safe, nurturing place where you can talk about what frightens you. And with that in mind, I’d like you all to welcome our newest member, who… um, we may want to turn on the ceiling fan and open some windows…


Via Reddit.



  1. Poor doggy needs a cuddle.

  2. me too, buddy, me too 😀

  3. Awwwwww sweetie, it’s ok you are beautiful and you have cute whisker pouches!

  4. Fart like nobody’s watching, puppers.

  5. Toot proudly, Duke!

  6. My old Schnauzer used to have that problem. He’d get up and spin around looking for it.

  7. Yes, poor Duke–don’t shame him, he’s not alone. Our big, bold German shepherd also jumped and circled around in fear when he cut the cheese. It happens to all of us!

  8. Poor Duke – just blame it on the hoomin!

  9. that is hilarious good post