#TBT: 09/10/06: “How Do You Say ‘Cats ‘N’ Racks’ In Hebrew?”

You know what? It’s time for some Cats and Racks, People, Israeli style. I think this guy wins smallest cat in rack award.


Sent in by the lovely Naomi G. in Jerusalem.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. And you say it like this: “חתולים ודלפקים.” -Ed.]

[*Note: Bonus Trading Card– it’s a Bonus so no # on this one- BY REQUEST! Click for C.O. Super-Size™. -Ed.]




  1. It’s been ages since you have done a cats n racks posting. Should that be a trading card? Don’t know if it would offend someones sensibilities though.

  2. Trading Card? Always glad to help. Voila!

  3. I think this guy wins smallest cat in rack award.

  4. I believe the translation is MMMeeeooowwww *ducks*

  5. @Doug Maybe it’s meowzel tov 😉

  6. Good point, 1knitchick. I think there were a few too many objectionable CnR posts, so CO discontinued them many years ago.

  7. Where else would you stash a kitten? Seems biologically intended. Does this count as interspecies snorgling?

  8. so darn cute!

  9. My cleavage is cold, I need a kitten 😦

  10. ‘N’ החתולים דלפקי