I’d Back Off The Caffeine There, Norbster

Maybe cut down to just two or three Red Bulls, K? Someone’s just a LITTLE wound up. You’re gonna be up ALL..NIGHT..LONG. (So’s your hoomin.) And let’s add some Bongo Feet.



  1. Please .. don’t give your puppehs JOLT or SURGE colas .. Just say no !!

    Whoops .. Too late for poor little Norbert .. Looks like he drank a 6 pack.

  2. Stressfactor says:

    It’s the zoomies. They can strike without warning.

  3. I can’t imagine how Norbert’s hoomin gets anything done with that…. that…. that FACE!!! Just. Too. Freaking. Adorable. 🙂

  4. 🙂

  5. Wow a full 360 degree of the Norbert. He’s cute all over.
    Yup. Maybe it’s a case of the after bath zoomies. Or the fun of skritching around on the fluffy satiny bedding.
    How do they get anything done there?

  6. Stressfactor says:

    I know Rachael and Faye. Only I don’t know how they can get anything done with those EARSIES there! I would spend all day skritching those unique ears. I’ve never seen a dog with ears quite like Norbert’s. They kill me with with their unique qte!

  7. Everything he does is cute! I heart him.

  8. I love the zoomies. I don’t know exactly what they are, but every single type of animal I’ve ever had got them. Sometimes an attack of the zoomies would be so violent that my horse would even get bursts of jet propulsion with every stride or buck BRAAP!brapBRAAP!brapBRAAPbrapbrap…

    Lil’ Norbert’s jets are probably silent.

  9. Norbert, everything you do is adorable! Signed,One of Your Many Devoted Fans

  10. Jodi Hankins says:

    My dog, Reme, looks just like Norbert but he’s about 5 times bigger. When Reme gets excited he does the same crazy thing; and always on the bed or the sofa. LOL

  11. januaryfarmer says:

    Ah, the zoomies….I’ve seen ’em a million times. We have called them “Peanut Fits” which sometimes involves the zoomies and some back rolling and kicking. Norbert has very dark eyes so he always looks a little over the top. He looks like he is having fun.