Rats, It’s Toesday

[HEY! Who put that Cheerio on my head!] [*Note: We’re delayed a day due to the Labor Day holiday yesterday. -Ed.] (Flickr.)



  1. It’s the rattie’s halo, so he or she, is an angel. Is it me, or does it’s back foot look like it’s at an odd angle?

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Hats, it’s toesday.

  3. PEW!

  4. Those are excellent toes for Toesday. So leetle..

  5. @Blue Foot Booby — LOL! I love it!
    I love this little rattie! I have several PEWs (pink-eyed white rats) and I adore their sweet, sweet, gentle personalities! Such patient litttle creatures — as you can probably guess, sitting so still with a cheerio on her head.

  6. @Julie: I was also thinking it’s a halo! 🙂 About the foot: that’s completely normal, it’s how they stabilize their little rotund bodies, the strongest part of which is their behinds ❤ having the foot like that will increase the area they rest on.

  7. @Nucleus, thanks, I’ve learned something new about ratties. I’ve never owned one, yet ( but have had gerbils, turtles, dogs & bunnehs). I enjoy seeing ratties on CO and learning about them.