How Does Australia DO IT?

They’ve got Wommies. They’ve got Kangaroos. They’ve got Koalas. And of course, toss in yer odd Platypus, Dingo, Quoll, QUOKKA, and Taz Devil. Notice…we left a biggie OUT. Are you ready for…

Banjo The Yellow-Bellied Glider Joey??

Didn’t THINK so. (Runs away yelling, waving arms- “And they named him BANJO.”)



  1. scoobiesnacks says:

    Let’s just say, they’re near to Japan

  2. How have I lived this long and not known about yellow-bellied glider joeys?

  3. WANT! *grabby hands*

  4. five digits….awesome

  5. I hope the souvenir shop is making tons of stuffed animal versions…I have been unable to find a stuffed Quokka however.

  6. Just wait. We’ll probably find out soon that Oz has 7 of the 10 most deadly glider joeys in the world each with some kind of venom that will melt your face.

  7. Bet they named him Banjo because he was the runt and everyone kept picking on him. 😉

  8. It does seem odd that a continent with so many horribly deadly things also has so many utterly adorable ones. It’s like there’s some sort of conservation of cuteness, and all of it that’s missing from the giant spiders and stinging jellyfish and saltwater crocodiles had to go somewhere.

  9. Phred's Mom says:

    FTW, Oakster.

  10. I’ve never seen this animal before. My world is now brighter for having this new knowledge.

  11. The EARS! So floppy and sweet. What an adorable baby. So glad for CO and our introductions to all the amazing animals we never knew about.

  12. Oh it’s sooooo cute!!! 🙂 To me the face and head looks like a bat and the body and feets look like a wombat. ADORABLE!

  13. It was totally cute in the beta version but based on feedback from early adopters they added the floppy earses.
    Now it’s ready for full cute launch. And just one more thing… It comes in male and female!

  14. Ah think ah’m gonna die.

  15. Are they SURE he’s a glider? He looks more like a clinger to me? LOL!