Salutations Toesday De France

It’s Toesday all over the world today! (OK, well, it might already be Wednesday like in Australia.) These Top Quality Beans are straight from Meyzieu, France. “Here is a fresh picture of our lady Kiri. (Kiri is a brand of french cream cheese for kids.) XO, Sylvio & Marjo.”



  1. “Go ahead, pull my paw.”

  2. The French have a brand of cream cheese just for kids? ooooooooookay

    (Also: beautiful tuxie!)

  3. So cute!

  4. I would like to nom on those toebeans….

  5. Not to forget Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, the sublime soprano from New Zealand… Yes, that dear French tuxie does honor to her name.

  6. Jenny Islander says:

    So her name is, more or less, Go-Gurt.


  7. Sleekityin says:

    You may approach and kiss the paw…at your peril.

  8. I have to do it……. Okay Jack, I’m ready draw me like one of your French girls um…… I mean cats.”

  9. Tummy rub Tuesday it was 😮