Heaven Is A Place….

….called Edgar’s Mission. Ain’t it the truth.

Oh, and BTW…….



Uh Oh, We’re In For It Now

We totally missed International Rabbit Day on Saturday. (It was the same day as our Tenth Anniversary Bash, ‘scuse me.) And somebody told His Nibs about it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a table to hide under. From Bryn & Mike K.

But I’m Already In Bed!

Seriously, if you think the cage is so wonderful, you sleep in there!

Escargot Getcher Own, Pal

To attain true Zen enlightenment, one must be at peace with every creature, even the lowly snail. The true Zen master becomes one with all things, no matter how slimy… HEY! That’s not what I mean by “become one with,” buddy!

Via RocketNews24.

I. Must. Get IN. This. NOW.

[How are the fun little creature guys inside the shiny glass thing? I must have them!!]

(Video from Sausage Dog Central via Kristin.)

“Hey Honey, Did You Break The DVD Player?”

“Not me. I was trying to play something last night and it wouldn’t come out of the slot there, you know where you put the disc in. You got me. BTW, have you seen the cat lately?”

Stair Down

There are lots of things a puppeh needs to learn when he/she is growing up. Where the food dish is, how to tell the hoomins you need to go outside for some personal bizness, how to avoid the cat, that guy that sticks papers through the slot in the door every day…

…and then there’s the matter of the STAIRS.

This Date in Video Game History

In 1985, video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto racked his brain trying to invent a new character to be a sidekick for Mario, when suddenly he saw his cat wearing a towel and shower cap. Excitedly, he presented his inspiration to the Nintendo board of directors — only to discover that the character of “Tweety Bird” was already trademarked.


“Walked in on my sister giving our cat a bath, this is what I saw.” Via Imgur.

Nicaragua ResQte Of The Week!

“This is my baby girl Candace. She was rescued from the streets of Managua as a puppy. Everyone always comments how striking her eyes are.” -Arlen A.

Meanwhile, on the Dogville Airport Shuttle…

“(Ugh, it’s like a sardine can in here, and of course every one of these guys will need to stop at a different terminal before I get off. And could that guy up front mouthing off about the Packers game be any louder? *sniff* Oh, for crying out loud, who had the breakfast burrito?!)”

Treat - Imgur

Via Imgur.